Secondary Schools

SeaQuest coastal science and Discovery bring Ocean investigation and experimentation to your classroom 


1.  SeaQuest Scientist: Workshop

Pupils will gain practical experimental and investigative science skills to complete a STEM challenge with SeaQuest science experiments.

2.  SeaQuest Scientist: A Day On The Coast 

A fun day of activity on the coast. Identifying of coastal species, quadrate survey and data recording. Or looking our to sea for cetacean species completing a land based watch survey with binoculars and data collection.

3.  Coastal Crusader: Workshop

To uncover the sensations of our seas its marine life, marine litter and how to protect our oceans.

3. Coastal Crusader: Save Our Seas Day At The Beach

A fun day of activity on the beach including beach clean, litter survey, investigation, journey of marine litter , litter-picker relay, beach games and ice-cream!

4.  Porthcawl Porpoise and Dolphin Watch Workshop

A Workshop of discovery into the world of our local whales, dolphins and porpoise.