Discover more with the SeaQuest Cross-Curricular Outdoor Learning Programme!

Join our Outdoor Education Specialists on the beach to learn more about our diverse coastal environment.  Whether it's examining the adaptations of marine life or building dens, learning about shipwrecks or surveying beach litter, we give your pupils an experience they'll never forget.  We use our extensive knowledge to ignite their curiosity for the natural world and give opportunities to explore, discover and connect with nature in a fun and safe way.  

The SeaQuest Outdoor Learning Programme is delivered from Foundation to Key Stage 4, includes content from all 6 AoLEs and takes in the Four Purposes of learning.

We work alongside your classroom teaching to help you build students into:

ambitious, capable learners who are ready to learn throughout their lives
enterprising, creative contributors,
ready to play a full part in life and work
ethical, informed citizens
of Wales and the world
healthy, confident individuals,
ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society.

SeaQuest activities are truly cross-curricular, encompassing elements of all 6 AoLEs.

We teach and build on vital skills from all subject areas, including:

Science & Technology - Measuring, observing, predicting, testing, observing, explaining, presenting results, evaluating, classifying.
Maths & Numeracy - Measuring, counting, interpreting data, presenting results, analysing.
Expressive Arts - planning, presenting ideas, managing resources, designing, creative thinking, drawing, reflecting, innovation, role play.
Health & Wellbeing - teamwork, listening, communicating, problem-solving, resilience, assessing risks, being physically active in new ways.
Language, Literacy, Communication - listening, reading, speaking, writing, public speaking, using sources.
Humanities - Discussing, presenting, questioning, data-handling, analysis, orienteering, examining and reflecting on sources.

SeaQuest Schools Workshops

Coastal Crusader

Discover how our waste is affecting our local coastal environments and how we can help marine conservation.

Session Includes:

  • RNLI beach safety presentation
  • Litter survey - all equipment provided
  • Strandline scavenger hunt
  • Lunch - including discussion about packaging and waste!
  • Subject-specific beach games
  • Group creative work


Science & Tech: Measuring, observing, predicting, observing, explaining, presenting results, classifying, evaluating.
Maths & Num
: Counting, measuring, interpreting data, presenting data, presenting results, analysing.
: Presenting ideas, managing resources, designing, creative thinking, innovation, reflecting.
Health & Wellbeing
: Teamwork, assessing risks, managing risks, physical activity, listening, communicating.
Lang, Lit, Comm
: Listening, speaking, writing.
: Discussing, questioning, data-handling.

Our team can work with you to produce a bespoke session which builds on children's existing knowledge and skills.

Beach Discovery

Discover the different sea life habitats along the Welsh coastline and the animals and plants that live in them.  This is an informative, fun session packed full of information where we  learn about adaptations and how animals survive; and where pupils use art to show their discoveries.

Sessions include:

  • RNLI beach safety presentation
  • Discussion about how the coastline provides work for the local community
  • Introduction to sea life habitats
  • Rockpool exploration - survey, collect, record
  • Strandline scavenger hunt
  • Group creative work


Science & Tech: Observing, classifying, evaluating, measuring, explaining.
Maths & Numeracy: Counting, interpreting data, recording results, presenting results, analysing.
Expressive Arts: planning, presenting ideas, managing resources, designing, creative thinking, drawing, innovation.
Health & Wellbeing: Teamwork, listening, speaking, communicating, resilience, assessing risks, physical activity.
Lang, Lit, Comm: Listening, reading, speaking, writing.
Humanities: Discussing, questioning, data-handling, data analysis.

We can work with you to create specific sessions which fit directly into your classroom teaching and build on your pupils' existing knowledge and skills.

Beach Craft

An exciting hands-on day at the beach for students, as they learn some essential outdoors skills.

The session includes, but is not limited to:

  • RNLI beach safety presentation
  • Fire safety, learning to build and light a fire
  • Shelter building - using teamwork and communication; incl planning, evaluation, understanding of effective shelters etc
  • Beach combing - tides, natural vs manmade, and more
  • Strandline exploration, discussion of findings. (Pupil-led activity)
  • Group creative work

Enquiry Skill: Planning: Predict, Methods & Strategies; Developing: Explaining, Observing, Communicate Findings; Reflecting: Explaining, Evaluate Learning


Science & Tech: Measuring, observing, explaining, communicating findings, classifying, reflecting, evaluating.
Maths & Numeracy: Measuring, counting, interpreting data, analysing results.
Expressive Arts: Planning, presenting ideas, managing resources, creative thinking, innovation.
Health & Wellbeing: Physical activity, teamwork, listening, communicating, problem-solving, resilience, assessing risks.
Lang, Lit, Comm: Listening, discussing, public speaking, .
Humanities: Discussing, questioning, analysis, presenting, data-handling, reflecting.

We will work with you to ensure that our sessions feed directly into your classroom teaching and build on students' prior knowledge and skills.

Myths & Legends

Discover the stories of the local nature reserve, explore this area of special scientific interest (SSSI) and its diverse wildlife.

  • Story telling based on legends of the lake and sunken town
  • Learn about local shipwrecks
  • Learn the countryside code
  • Orienteering challenge
  • Explore the sand dune habitat
  • Creative work based on day's activities


Science & Tech: Observing, measuring, evaluating, classifying.
Maths & Numeracy: Measuring, interpreting data, analysing.
Expressive Arts: Planning, presenting ideas, managing resources, creative thinking, reflecting, innovation.
Health & Wellbeing: Teamwork, resilience, communicating, listening, physical activity, problem-solving, risk assessing.
Lang, Lit, Comm: Listening, speaking, writing, using sources.
Humanities: Discussing, questioning, handling data, analysing, examining and reflecting on sources, map reading, using a compass, orienteering.

We can create specific sessions which fit directly into your classroom teaching and build on your pupils' existing knowledge and skills.


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