The SeaQuest team have been working tirelessly over the past few months to put together a programme of Outdoor Workshops for schools that will provide the best possible experience for students whilst also adhering to the latest Coronavirus government regulations.

We’re delighted to be able to start publishing this information now, with 10 exciting sessions which will help ease students back into the school environment and learning to learn once more, making the most of existing outdoor space in the schools and having a positive effect on health and wellbeing for all involved.

Teachers will be able to choose from the following sessions –

  • Beach To Your School (Foundation)
  • Dolphins, Sharks & Senses (Foundation, KS2, KS3)
  • Plastic Planet (Foundation, KS2, KS3)
  • Shipwreck & STEM Challenge (KS2, KS3)
  • Kensuke’s Kingdom (KS2, KS3)
  • SeaQuest Scientist – The Wonders of Water (KS2, KS3)
  • Beach Discovery (KS2, KS3)
  • Coral Seas (KS2, KS3)
  • Welsh Myths & Legends (KS2, KS3)
  • Year 6 Transition (KS2)

For more information, visit our Schools page or download the brochure here.

Contact us at or call us on 07470 737776 to find out more about our sessions and health & safety policies.