Swim Safe this June

SeaQuest and Swim Wales are encouraging children to Swim Safe this June! At the free event on Saturday 15th June on Sandy Bay in Porthcawl, children get to enjoy a fun, structured swimming session and learn all about how to stay safe in open water and what to do if something goes wrong. The 60-minute…

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A Whole School of Outdoor Learning

We’re having a fantastic time with the children from Cymmer Primary at the moment, as every single year group is visiting us in turn, from Reception up to Year 6. The whole school has shone, with beautiful behaviour and children who are fully engaged in everything we are doing with them.  Their work on the…

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Fire and Water Extravaganza

SeaQuest are delighted to be partners with the Porthcawl Seascape Project for this epic day at the seaside celebrating the two powerful forces of Fire and Water. This FREE event on Saturday 27th October at Sandy Bay is packed with family fun for all ages. The day kicks off with a world record attempt to…

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