Welcome to SeaQuest

Coastal Science and Discovery

SeaQuest Coastal Science & Discovery – Discover the Coast around you!

Let’s have fun and Learn! Get Sandy and Salty Together

  • A Unique and Exciting Education Programme for School groups. Delivered both in your school and on the beach
  • SeaQuest Family Fun Events including Beach Discovery and Porpoise Protector
  • Badge Workshops for Uniform Groups
  • SeaQuest Beach Clean and Coastal Crusader
  • Porthcawl Porpoise and Dolphin watch and Porpoise Protector
  • SeaQuest Employee Community Volunteer days for your workplace
  • World Ocean Day Celebrations Bay Swim
  • Coming soon SeaQuest will offer Beach Birthday Party, Little Urchins and Coastal Crusaders Club

The SeaQuest beach wheelchair is available for use during our activities

Contact Claire Godfrey Claire@porthcawl-harbourside.co.uk for schools, family events and events enquiries and

Anne Davidson Anne@porthcawl-harbourside.co.uk for uniform group enquiries


"Thanks for a great day yesterday. The children not only consolidated their learning but had a great opportunity to participate in practical activities which were really fun and well organised. Good job it wasn't today. Thanks again for all your hard work from Maes yr Haul. Have a lovely summer. 

Sue Aimee Helena Karen Matt and all our brilliant team."

"Thankyou so much for the sandy Claws event today, it was obvious that a lot of effort had gone into it, and it was really appreciated. I loved the rock pool aquarium, although my sones clear favourite was the octonauts speedway!

Many thanks again and happy Christmas!
Catherine "

My girls had a great time with Sea Quest today! Learnt loads too, thanks so much x"