The Lighthouse Restaurant at Harbour Quarter Porthcawl

Coming soon! Our restaurant will create delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner options using locally-sourced produce. Learning and training opportunities will be available.



The Lighthouse Restaurant

Modern Cuisine in a Vibrant and Organic Setting

Mission Statement

  • To achieve and maintain such distinction in food and wine, service, atmosphere and setting that the restaurant gains a first class reputation for gastronomy, gracious and informed hospitality, comfort and beauty which draws new and repeat customers year after year.
  • To achieve the above whilst upholding staff policies and practices which promote a fair and positive working environment.
  • To be aware of and act on our responsibilities as a good employer: provide a safe, clean and attractive place for guests to enjoy and for employees to work in;
  • To provide all who work with us the tools to be their best in a friendly, co-operative, and rewarding environment.
  • To keep our concept fresh, exciting and on the cutting edge of the hospitality industry.

Simplicity & Sustainability

All Staff from the bottom to the top will be acutely aware of the need to adopt and impart these values when dealing with our suppliers and ultimately the customer



  • We envisage a restaurant that is able to deliver visual vibrancy, along with flavours carefully designed to match and balance each plate of food offered.
  • Our team of Chefs will source items personally to ensure full traceability and that each ingredient is fresh and sustainable.
  • That every cut of meat is used from the finest Fillet, to cuts such as the cheek or belly. Be that Fish or Meat.
  • Food Waste will be kept to a minimum. Every raw product will be used in its entirety. Recycling of bones for stock, breads for crumbing and vegetable off cuts. To name but a few.


  • We will use experienced Mixologists and Baristas to bring flair and confidence.
  • A pre requisite knowledge and enthusiasm of organic beverages.
  • Utilising local breweries and their knowledge.
  • Coffee beans sourced locally and roasted in house.

Seafood Bar

A seafood bar in the restaurant where you can watch chefs assembling platters of oysters, langoustines and sashimi.

Proud to show our working practices and confident in all our chefs abilities

Aged Meats

All our Locally sourced meats will be hung and aged by ourselves to maximize tenderness and optimum flavours.

Aged Meats
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Organic Vegetables

We will source our vegetables on a seasonal basis only. Where we believe that will give us a premium product with flavours that are natural and deeply developed.

Where products aren’t available, our menu will change to reflect this.


  • Key members of staff will be strategically placed throughout each department. Ensuring consistency of our standards.
  • We anticipate training many of our staff from a very basic level, be that college students looking to further their career path, or people from the local community looking for a rewarding career in a fast paced and innovative company.
  • We will give ongoing in house training throughout, and support everyone who wishes to progress further with us.


We envisage a work force trained from within, via strong leadership. Clear goals and targets. And a clear vision of what we want our staff to achieve.

The Future

Going forward we see ourselves as a self sustainable operation from within our own company………….