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Great People make Great Places – the Volunteer Programme in association with

Harbour Quarter Porthcawl is a subsidiary of Credu Charity Ltd, a Porthcawl-based charity with ambitions that stretch across the whole of South Wales. Supported by the efforts of local businesses and local people, Credu is committed to providing learning, educational and employment opportunities for the whole community. Our greatest achievements to date include establishing the Porthcawl Harbour Quarter, our SeaQuest Schools Education Programme, the Family Events Programme and With your help we want to do so much more...

Credu believes it's the people that make great places - we work hard to invest in people by providing opportunities to develop new skills; sharing world-class experiences and offering fantastic learning opportunities. By investing in our local people through we can help Porthcawl thrive - see below for the range of activities available on the Volunteer Programme).


At the heart of this effort is the Volunteer Programme. The programme is currently made up of the following projects;

  • Place Making Volunteers: Although everyone who volunteers with are making a valuable contribution to the town, we also regularly host fun days and race days for residents and visitors alike. As a Place Making Volunteer you would be on hand to help others have the best experience ever.
  • SeaQuest Volunteers – SeaQuest runs all kinds of fun activities on the beach for all ages. As a volunteer you could help families understand the sea, shore and important conservation messages and learn so much yourself in the process.
  • The Information Hub – this sits on the Promenade sea front and is at the centre of a web of interactive outlets that tell people what's happening locally. As a volunteer, you'll play an important role of welcoming visitors to the area so that they find their mini adventure locally.

And there’s more to come:

  • The Sea Swimming Project: this aims to immerse people in Porthcawl's most dynamic environment - the sea! We want people to safely explore the marine environment so that they get to learn and understand what's available on their doorstep. Helping with this project will give you the chance to work with lots of people in the most unexpected situations.
  • The Dementia Project: Our volunteers will support those with dementia and their families to improve their wellbeing through a multisensory environment that draws out people’s lived experience of the coastal environment. Bright colours, interesting sounds and tactile objects will catch people’s attention and spark their memories and personal stories.
  • A Gardening Project: By volunteering with a network of people across Porthcawl, you would make a valuable contribution to help the town bloom.

There are so many reasons to get involved!  You might want to get out to meet different people, learn new skills, give back to your community or just be responsible for making something happen. For more details please contact or call 01656 783579. Follow us on Facebook @ExperiencePorthcawl and Twitter @ExpPorthcawl.