2019 has been a fantastic year for us at Harbour Quarter Porthcawl.

Our SeaQuest Team have worked with hundreds of school children from across South Wales as part of their outdoor learning programme from KS1-KS3, and were delighted to work closely with Ysgol Cwm Brombil to produce a themed curriculum for the whole of Year 7’s first term at the school. We’d like to thank the staff and students there for being such a pleasure to work with; we’ve had some fantastic experiences outside as well as in the classroom.

We’ve also enjoyed our beach sessions with local families – keep an eye out on our social media to find our next family event – as well as running community beach cleans.

We had a visit from a sea monster back in April – the Cragen visited us, and we were joined by 100s of people who came to see her bring the litter back from the sea and learn more about sustainability.

The Harbour Quarter building received planning permission and the lease was signed, and site preparations commenced in the early winter ready for building to begin in 2020! You should see lots of activity on site over the next 15 months – keep an eye on our social media pages to keep abreast of what’s going on with it.

Our Marine Services team have seen the installation of the large blue boat crane in the Harbour, as well as the new boat storage yard offering both long and short-term storage, mobile boat washdown unit, and transportation ‘tug’. We’ve had many successful boat lifts, to and from the water, and the highlight of the year was getting the RNLI Rose of the Shires back into the water after maintenance.

We wish all of our customers a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Here’s to more great news in 2020!