SeaQuest celebrates World Ocean Day

SeaQuest joined hundreds of organisations around the world to celebrate World Oceans Day with a series of events focused on bringing the community together to enjoy and help protect the sea around our coast.

Swimmers joining the World Ocean Day Bay Swim

World Ocean Day Bay Swim

The first event was the SeaQuest Celebration Bay Swim from the Pier slipway to Coney Beach. 65 swimmers of all ages took part and were cheered on their way by the Kitch & Sync mermaids. Sea Safety cover was generously provided by Newton Lifeguards and SLSA Wales (Surf Life Saving Association of Wales) and the Hi-Tide provided some welcome hot food and drinks at the end of the swim.

Next on the calendar was a Family Beach Discovery Day, followed later in the week by SeaQuest taking the Beach to Bryngarw Country Park with their Sea Bus Mobile Aquarium. The two events gave people living on the coast, as well as those further afield the opportunity to find out more about how the sea affects them and how they affect the sea.

World Oceans Day has been celebrated at the beginning of June since 1992 when then Government of Canada proposed the concept at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. The focus for this year was to prevent plastic pollution and encourage solutions for a healthy ocean.

This was the focus too for Seaquest’s final World Oceans Day event this year – a Beach Clean at Rest Bay. Although at first glance, the beach looked very clean, the keen volunteers who took part soon collected a number of bags of rubbish. The event highlighted how much rubbish we throw away and the amount of plastic, in particular, that makes its way onto our beaches.

This was the first time SeaQuest has run events for World Oceans Day and was a very successful way to bring together a variety of activities aimed at different groups within the community. Watch this space for plans for 2019.  And in the meantime look out for similar activities throughout the summer at